The story of BAY Kompressor ApS

The story of BAY Kompressor ApS

BAY Kompressor ApS was established in August 2002, when the activities from the former BKT Kompressor ApS samt Scandinavian Gas (ScanGas) was acquired.

The vast market knowledge and expertise has been developed over more than 20 years on the market. This will continue in an optimized organization of closely related co-operation with BAUER Compressor GmbH in Munich.

In September 2011 BAY Kompressor ApS moved to newly renovated, very modern, larger premises.

BAY Kompressor ApS is dedicated to be the leading supplier of high pressure compressors for the Danish market. This will be achieved in dialogue with customers and the world’s leading supplier of high pressure compressors and equipment to optimize products and services so that customer requirements can be met by the use of standardized solutions to the greatest possible extent. This cost may be minimized without compromising on quality and safety.

BAY Kompressor ApS will focus on targeted service and preventive maintenance. System solutions from BAY Kompressor ApS contain a whole range of services apart from the actual machine delivery:

  • Service Contract with fixed and preferential price.
  • Advice in connection with preventive maintenance programs and setting the requirements for service schedules.
  • Parts Warranty – Guaranteed supply of spare parts within agreed period.

Today BAUER Group represented by 15 subsidiaries, more than 145 authorized sales partners and more than 280 service stations. BAUER Group holds a market share of approx. 70% within the breathing air solutions.
BAUER connects this success with the global quality strategy as employees and a large number of partners are obliged to comply.

More information is available at Bauer’s website:

The history of  Bauer Kompressoren, Germany.

Bauer Kompressoren has more than a century of experience in machine building.
Johann Bauer, who was a blacksmith in Arnsdorf (Bavaria) founded an agricultural machinery factory in 1888.

In 1946 BAUER began to build low-pressure compressors and since 1956 also high-pressure compressors. Today BAUER are a firmly established leader in the market for high pressure industry.
BAUER is proud of being the company that has done most in the development of compressors for breathing air.

BAUER  Group was founded in 1946. Since the 50s BAUER has strived close international alliances by forming foreign subsidiaries.This brings BAUER closer to the market, customers and suppliers, thereby ensuring optimal service and support.