Diving Breathing Air Compressors

Ensure you are properly prepared with compressors from BAY Kompressor ApS.

Premium line

Compact-Line Junior, 100 l/min

JUNIOR II – The compact classic among mobile breathing air compressors. The compressor has a capacity of 100 l/min.

Compact-Line Oceanus, 140 l/min

The powerful package for professional use. The compressor has a capacity of 100-140 l/min.

Profi-Line Capitano, 140 l/min

The Capitano compressor is the mobile all-round compressor in excellent professional quality. Capacity of 140 l/min.

Profi-Line Mariner, 170-320 l/min

The mobile all-rounder for use in professional applications. The compressors has a capacity of 140-320 l/min.

Mini-Verticus, 150-320 l/min

Stationary units for pure breathing air, now quieter than ever! The compressor has a capacity of 150-320 l/min.

Verticus, 450-680 l/min

The compressor generation for high performance requirements in continuous operation. A capacity of 260-680 l/min.

Kap-Line, 370-680 l/min

Stationary breathing air compressors in superior BAUER quality. The compressors has a capacity of 370-680 l/min.

Kap 220 & Kap 23, 650-1480 l/min

Stationary heavy-duty units with very high free air delivery for continuous operation. A capacity of 650-1480 l/min

B-Nitrox membrane system, 260-450 l/min

Nitrox with integrated and safety certified by the TÜV. The compressor has a capacity of 260-450 l/min.

B-Blending Nitrox system, 260-450 l/min

Combined with our compressors from the Nitrox series, you can generate nitrox with a mixing ratio of up to 40% O2.

Poseidon edition

Poseidon Edition PE-100, 100 l/min

PE 100 high-pressure compressor – Robust technology in a compact design. The compressor has a capacity of 100 l/min.

Poseidon Edition PE-TE, 200-300 l/min

The transportable compressor units with optimised equipment for use in vehicles and on ships. With a capacity of 200-300 l/min.

Poseidon Edition PE-HE, 250-300 l/min

One of the most compact stationary breathing air compressors in its performance class. A capacity of 250-300 l/min.

Poseidon Edition PE-MVE, 250-300 l/min

The space-saving stationary breathing air compressor which ensures quiet operation at an attractive price! Capacity 250-300 l/min.

Poseidon Edition PE-VE, 300-850 l/min

The PE-VE high-pressure compressors for universal use in diving and breathing protection. A capacity of 300-850 l/min.

Product overview

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