Nitrogen og Oxygen generators

Generators from Inmatec

Bay Kompressor provides complete nitrogen and oxygen generators from INMATEC

INMATEC is an international market leader in the production of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, our systems are used all around the world.

Oxygen generators

PO OnTouch

PO OnTouch series offers all the advantages of a fully integrated in-house production system for the production of oxygen.


PO OnGo: Strong newcomer to the oxygen world. They offers economic entity models for the universal on-site generation of oxygen.

Nitrogen generators


NKat: Nitrogen purities up to 99.9999% with an air factor from 2.9.

PN OnTouch

PN OnTouch: For highly pure to ultrapure nitrogen directly on site. Nitrogen purity from 95% up to 99,9999%


PN OnGo: Strong entry into the world of nitrogen. Nitrogen purity from 95% up to 99,999%.


PN PAN: The plus in the area of nitrogen generation. Nitrogen purity from 95% up to 99,9999%.