Are you sure that you are providing the healthiest and purest air underwater?

- We are, and we do!

As a scubadiving center you carry a very important responsibility;

The diver’s life is in your hands!

Note: It is not a “must” to be PureAir certified. It is only an additional security for customers. Securus ensures that you do not forget to change filter. If the service is met, the air is clean too. PureAir certification requires that you have Securus installed.

Many divers put themselves at considerable risk by insufficiently inspecting the quality of breathing air. Risks are played down in order to save costs although these savings often turn out to be insignificant or even completely negligible.

As market and technology leader in the field of breathing air production, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is fully aware of their responsibilities and therefore started a worldwide information and quality campaign for pure underwater breathing air known as the BAUER PureAir Standard.

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Gain trust with your customers and get certified in BAUER PureAir Standard!