Pure Air certificate as the only Danish company

Bay Compressor is the only company that can PureAir certify you and your company in Denmark.

Riffs in all their coloured splendour, mellow slopes, steep faces and floorless drop-offs – many divers just simply wish to have pleasure in experiencing the incomparable underwater world of plants and creatures and to enjoy a carefree holiday.

However, for your own safety it is of the utmost importance to be aware of the risks. Even experienced divers do often not recognize or even neglect the dangers which may arise due to contaminated air.

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Many divers put themselves at considerable risk by insufficiently inspecting the quality of breathing air. Risks are played down in order to save costs although these savings often turn out to be insignificant or even completely negligible.

As market and technology leader in the field of breathing air production, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is fully aware of her responsibilities and therefore started a worldwide information and quality campaign for pure underwater breathing air known as the BAUER PureAir Standard.

The introduction of the BAUER PureAir Standard guarantees safety for sports divers: you really receive the purest breathing air at any diving centre bearing the BAUER PureAir seal.

 More safety. Greater credibility = More customers.

Achieve certification for BAUER PureAir Standard! Show your customers that the company takes pride in security, by providing 100% clean air in the bottles. PureAir certification gives your customers peace of mind, while the company takes a positive step that will stand firm from the competition. Your customers will appreciate this seal of quality given only to BAUER customers that meet specific requirements for compressor equipment

The certificate ensures:

  • Full confidence to delivering healthy air quality.
  • Quality Function compared to other centers.
  • The right to use and display PureAir certificate.
  • Minimizing liability risk through greater security for scuba diving.
  • Divers can find your center of BAUER PureAir website’s map of the world and Bay Compressor Ltd. (www.bauer.dk) website.
  • You can use BAUER PureAir logo in your own advertising.

For additional information please see Bauer Pure Airs own website