We are specialists in high-pressure compressors

BAY Kompressor ApS is specialized in the field of high pressure compressors for breathing air, various gases and industrial compressors.

Breathing Air Systems

Bauer diving breathing air compressor is designed with the highest standards and the opportunity for lots of accessories.

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Be properly prepared for the experiences below the surface with compressors from BAY Kompressor ApS.

We provide compressors that ensure CLEAN and DRY air for bootles in the shooting and paintball industry.

Shooting and Paintball Compressors

Bauer's Paintball compressor is extremely rugged and deliver reliable operation.

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Fire & Rescue

Bauer smoke diver breathing air compressor meets the stringent requirements within fire and rescue.

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We make sure that you will be well prepared with compressors from BAY Kompressor ApS.

We are specialists in total solutions in the industry!

Industrial Compressors

Bauer's industry compressors includes air compressors, medical breathing air and various gases.

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Nitrogen and Oxygen generators

Get a system that can deliver up to 99,9999% purity nitrogen or 95% oxygen.

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Bay Kompressor provides complete nitrogen and oxygen generators from INMATEC.

We provide accessories for controlling and monitoring your compressor.


See our wide range of accessories for your compressor

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Bay Kompressor ApS

The company currently has a staff of specialists and has been appointed since August 2002 by BAUER Kompressoren GmbH (Munich, Germany) as A-Partner for Denmark to handle sales of genuine BAUER compressors, genuine BAUER auxiliaries, genuine BAUER spare parts and consumables as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul of the BAUER products.

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