P-filters from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are high-pressure filter systems that have been proving their worth in application for decades.
This product series is the undisputed classic among BAUER high-pressure treatment systems, offering significant advantages such as quick and straightforward cartridge change, minimum downtimes, and simply cost-effective deployment.

Available in numerous compatible sizes, with cartridges ideally matched to the respective compressor and application, the option of integrating saturation monitoring for moisture (B-SECURUS) and in three pressure stages: 350, 420 and 500 bar.

Depending on the application and filter cartridge, moisture (H2O), oil, carbon monoxide (CO) and particles are absorbed, converted or removed.

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P-filter systems have a check valve to safeguard the minimum pressure in the filter housings. This minimum pressure prevents the maximum flow speed from being exceeded in the filter housing. Contact time between medium and processing equipment is thus assured right from the outset. At the same time, pressure fluctuation in the filter housings is reduced, as a result of which the number of permissible load cycles increases significantly, even as far as the fatigue limit.


    As they have a safety vent drilled into them, filter housings by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN cannot be operated without filter cartridges inserted. This prevents contamination of the downstream process due to the unit being operated inadvertently without a filter cartridge.


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