Pure Air

Healthiest and purest air underwater?

As a scubadiving center you carry a very important responsibility; The diver’s life is in your hands!

It is not a “must” to be PureAir certified

It is only an additional security for customers. Securus ensures that you do not forget to change filter.
If the service is met, the air is clean too. PureAir certification requires that you have Securus installed.

When putting the great responsibility in perspective, commitment and professionalism must be considered as key concepts.

 The concepts are especially relevant when focusing on a topic that is often not recognized or even completely overlooked, namely the dangers that can arise due to diving with polluted air. 

Improper operation of compressors, poorly maintained installations and the use of non-genuine or self-filled filter cartridges can lead to death! 

 Never expose your customers (or yourself) to polluted air. Choose the safe solution, even at no great cost to you and your diving company

Pure Air - certificate

Contact Bay Kompressor ApS to learn what it takes to acquire a PureAir certificate.

Pure air in your scuba tank

Many divers put themselves at considerable risk by insufficiently inspecting the quality of breathing air. Risks are played down in order to save costs although these savings often turn out to be insignificant or even completely negligible

Your own diploma

f your company becomes PureAir certified, you will receive a diploma from Bay Kompressor ApS to hang up in the company, at the same time you will get free access to our website, with name, certificate and a link to your website.

More safety & Greater credibility

Achieve certification for BAUER PureAir Standard! Show your customers that the company takes pride in security, by providing 100% clean air in the bottles. PureAir certification gives your customers peace of mind, while the company takes a positive step that will stand firm from the competition. Your customers will appreciate this seal of quality given only to BAUER customers that meet specific requirements for compressor equipment

A Pure Air certificate ensures ...

Bay Kompressor ApS is the only company in Denmark that can PureAir certify you and your company.

Full confidence that healthy air quality is delivered.

Quality function compared to other centers.

The right to use and present the PureAir certificate

Minimization of liability risk through greater safety for scuba diving.

Divers can find your center on BAUER PureAir and our website.

You can use the BAUER PureAir logo in your own advertising.


We're right here...

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Certified in Denmark

These companies are PURE AIR certified companies in Denmark.

Dykkergitte, Dykkerskolen i DGI-byen

Dykker / København

(+45) 30 64 90 00

Vectrus Services

Brand / Thule Air Base / København

(+45) 35 25 25 80

Grøndlands Lufthavne

Brand / Kangerlussuaq

(+45) 33 79 46 57


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