In environments in which ambient temperatures are high in particular, the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer extends filter capacity almost beyond belief.

Operators benefit from much lower filter cartridge usage and storage costs in addition to longer interruption-free operation.

The normal service life (capacity) of a filter cartridge can be extended many times over by additional cooling of the compressed air with the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer. As a result of air cooling, most of the condensate is separated in the oil and water separator, so that the filter cartridge absorbs much less water vapour.

The cost of purchasing the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer pays itself off within a short time, as the B-KOOK massively reduces consumption rates for original filter cartridges. As a result, running costs are virtually negligible.

How the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer works?

How the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer works

The integrated cooling unit in the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer removes most of the moisture from the compressed air so that it cannot even get into the filter system. This extends the service life of the filter cartridge many times over. 

For compliance with the limit values for hazardous substances specified in standard DIN EN 12021 for breathing air and in the interests of the safety of the compressor operator, only original BAUER parts must be used. 

How the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer works:

  1. The air saturated with moisture is fed out of the final separator of the compressor into the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer.
  2. In the high-efficiency cooling unit, the temperature of the compressed air, and thus its pressure dew-point, are reduced to approx. 3°C. For reasons of physics, the cooled air is no longer able to store the moisture content and the oil and water vapour turns to condensation.
  3. The condensate collects in the integrated separator and thus does not enter the filter cartridge.
  4. The condensate is discharged into the compressor unit‘s collecting container via the automatic condensate drain.
  5. The cooled and dried air is fed into the purification system by the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer.


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