The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN APP (B-APP) offers an array of features including product-specific news, videos and various calculation tools related to compressed air.In addition, the B-APP supports remote control and monitoring of BAUER Compressors via the new BAUER control unit –CONTROL Micro

Product information

BAUER news

Using this APP, you can get useful updated information and news in the diver and industry industry. For example, get information about new products, product changes, services, and other topics related to compressed air.

Remote Screen

With this B-APP it is possible to monitor the compressors via the new control unit and compressor control – B-CONTROL MICRO. In addition, this B-APP can be used as a remote control for low control the compressor.

Calculation Tools

The calculation tool includes a unit converter, tool for calculating filter cartridge life with and without B-KOOL, filling time and condensation volume, as well as conversion from free air delivery to standard conditions.

BAUER video

Short video clips of products and services. The clips contain general information about BAUER Group and BAUER products as well as maintenance and installation of compressors.

Technical requirements


The requirement for the use of the remote function is that the B-CONTROL MICRO is integrated into the same local network (LAN/WLAN) as the smartphone, with a valid IP address. 

The integration of the B-CONTROL MICRO into the local network (home router, DSL router, company network) is implemented either via network cable or with optional LAN-WLAN gateway via wireless LAN. 

Alternatively, if there is no local network for integration of the compressor control, an optional LAN-WLAN gateway can also be used to create a separate local WLAN network of the B-CONTROL MICRO. The smartphone can be logged into this network to permit use of the remote function in the B-APP.


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