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90 - 350 bar, 70 - 420 l/min.
MINI-VERTICUS højtrykskompressor

The new generation of stationary compressors from the VERTICUS series once again demonstrates BAUER’s leading-edge technological status.

Optimised for helium and other noble gases, MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS are the gas-tight and helium-tight classics in the successful BAUER G-series.

The new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS combine the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency.

All control elements that are important for everyday operation are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible from the front.

The advanced B-CONTROL MICRO is more powerful and ready to communicate with the B-APP for remotely controlling and monitoring the compressor.

MINI-VERTICUS kompressor
Product information

B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control

The B-CONTROL MICRO is a modern, easy-to-use compressor control with colour display for the intelligent control and reliable monitoring of all basic functions.

Interaction between user and control is user-friendly and logical. The information on the display can be read off in plain text. Various languages are available for selection.

Additional benefit: interfacing with external input/output signal encoders is possible at any time, as is interconnected operation or the connection of an external display unit.


The automatic condensate drain automatically removes the condensate that forms during compression (water/oil mixture) from the intermediate separators and the final separator and collects it in a condensate vessel. The newly developed and patented B-DRAIN automatic condensate drain uses individually controlled solenoid valves to ensure reliable, automatic condensate removal from the compressor separators. The innovative design enables condensate to be drained in a gentle, controlled manner while minimising the pressure drop. This saves energy and helps to increase the efficiency of the compressor unit. At the same time, the new B-DRAIN is much quieter than conventional solutions. A condensate vessel with 40% more capacity is integrated in the housing of the MINI-VERTICUS resp. VERTICUS. The compressor control monitors the fill level and informs the operator in good time if the condensate needs to be emptied.

The compressor blocks in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series

The compressor blocks in the G series (MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS) have been optimised for compressing helium. Depending on the model, they feature 3 to 5 compressor stages for final pressure levels of 90 to 230 or 350 bar. With their outstanding surface hardness, plasma-nitrided and plateau-honed cylinders are able to achieve extremely long service lives combined with low energy consumption and reliable oil lubrication of cylinder surfaces. The high-pressure final stage of the compressor features a piston with piston rings made from high-tech plastic which is virtually wear-free. The compression piston is able to move freely and is not connected to the guide piston. Lateral forces which may cause increased wear are therefore prevented. Generously dimensioned stainless steel intercoolers and aftercoolers and intermediate and final separators can be relied upon to remove condensate and safeguard long and reliable operation.


A low-maintenance, self-tensioning V-belt drive is used for power transmission in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series. The integration of a motor rocker means that the tension of the V-belt does not need to be adjusted. The compressor units are fitted ex works with energy-saving three-phase motors which meet the requirements of energy efficiency class IE3.


Compressors in the MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS series are cooled directly using ambient air. The heat they generate is discharged efficiently and effectively.

  • The compressor is cooled directly using ambient air. A fan integrated in the flywheel provides adequate airflow, while air deflectors ensure targeted cooling.
  • The compressor block has large cooling fins to optimize thermal discharge.
  • Air is used as a universally available cooling medium, eliminating direct costs.



Liter per minute: 70 - 420

Bar: 90 - 150

Motor: 3 - 15 kw

Net weight : 320 - 430 kg

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Below is a selection of details and features for the G-series, for the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS compressors.

Super silent version

Super Silent housing reduces the noise level of the compressor unit and enables an exhaust shaft to be used. For units in the MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS series, Super-Silent sound insulation can be retrofitted on request.

B-CONTROL II compressor control

The extended version of the proven B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control. The B-CONTROL II features a 5.7″ colour touch screen display with 10 direct selection keys. Interaction between user and control is user-friendly and logical. The information on the display can be read off in clear text. Various languages are available for selection. As well as supporting the control and monitoring of important system functions, the B-CONTROL II also features additional user-friendly features such as a data logger, USB port and accessible interfaces such as Modbus, CAN Bus or Profibus. It can even be used for integrated control of an interconnected system with up to four compressors.

Oil level monitoring

Optional oil level monitoring system for safely switching off the compressor unit when the oil level is low. If the oil level reaches the minimum mark, this is displayed on the control and the compressor is switched off automatically for safety reasons. This option is particularly recommended for compressor units in continuous operation.


B-APP allows users to remotely control and monitor compressors with the new B-CONTROL MICRO. B-APP also offers additional features such as product-specific news, videos, an integrated dealer search function and calculation tools. Available in the AppStore (iOS) and on GooglePlay (Android).

P81 filtersystem

Når filtersystemet benyttes sammen med originale BAUER filterpatroner, kan P81 filtersystemet, med integreret olie/vandudskillerhus samt trykholderventil, levere luftkvalitet i overensstemmelse med DIN EN 12021:20141. Den type godkendte og plomberet sikkerhedsventil sørger for sikker drift.

Mellemtryksmanometer sæt

Manometeret viser driftstryk på de enkelte kompressortrin. Informationen om trykket anvendes til at kontrollere de tilsvarende trins ventiler, hvilket gør, at der kan hurtigt kan opdages potentielle fejl. Mellemtryksmanometeret installeres i kompressorhuset.

60 L kondensopsamlingssytem

Dette system muliggør et centralt opsamlingspunkt af den kondens (mix af oile og vand), som bliver produceret under komprimeringsprocessen inde i kompressoren. Systemet er udstyret med en integreret føler, som måler niveauet af kondens i beholderen. En kombineret lyddæmper og filter forhindrer forurening forårsaget af støj eller lugt.


Kompressoren og op til to bankflasker kan installeres på den forlængede bundramme. Flaskerne har en kapacitet på 50 eller 80 liter.



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