Industrial Compressor

G-RANGE K22 - K25

90 - 350 bar, 600 - 1800 l/min.


The large-scale, high-pressure industrial series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impresses as an optimized, gas-tight option for the compression of helium, argon and other noble gases.

A low-maintenance V-belt drive, very robust and reliable unit components and low design make this series ideal even in difficult installation conditions and where space is at a premium.

Recirculation of blowby and lost gas from the automatic condensate drain into the intake buffer combined with efficient encapsulation of the safety valves effectively minimizes gas losses.

Low speeds and optimized grading of the compressors provide the basis for the very best compression ratios for the compression of noble gases.

Product information

B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control

The B-CONTROL MICRO is a modern, easy-to-use compressor control with colour display for the intelligent control and reliable monitoring of all basic functions.

Interaction between user and control is user-friendly and logical. The information on the display can be read off in plain text. Various languages are available for selection.

Additional benefit: interfacing with external input/output signal encoders is possible at any time, as is interconnected operation or the connection of an external display unit

Helium configuration

The heavy-duty units for helium are characterised by minimum gas losses. This is achieved by installing a closed coolant circuit in which gas from the crankcase breather, the condensate drain valves and the safety valves is fed into the intake area. At the same time, the risk of the process gas suffering external contamination is significantly reduced. The necessary buffer vessels are included in the standard scope of delivery and can be installed separately from the compressor unit. The compressor block has been designed specifically for helium and argon so that the best possible efficiency rates can be achieved.

Compressor block

Air-cooled, equipped with intercooler and aftercooler, oil and water separator after every compressor stage, automatic condensate drain and forced feed oil lubrication. These blocks provide the ideal basis for fully automated compressor systems, particularly for the compression of air and gases in atmospheric input conditions. A clever air cooling system with generously dimensioned coolers combined with cylinders with extensive ribbing can be relied upon for best possible cooling of each individual compressor stage. The bearings are dimensioned for a service life far in excess of 30,000 operating hours. Powerful pressure lubrication and oil micro filter for minimum wear of moving parts. Long maintenance intervals for valves and piston rings as well as where oil changes are concerned keep the running costs of the unit low. Trimmed for smooth running – all drive units are dynamically balanced for quiet and vibration-free running.



Liter per minute: 600 - 1800

Motor: 18,5 - 45kw

Net weight : 540 - 1780 kg

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Below is a selection of details and features for the K22-K25 compressor.

Super-Silent cladding

Super-Silent cladding reduces the noise level of the compressor unit and enables an exhaust shaft to be used.

Monitoring of pressure and temperature

This add-on module for the B-CONTROL II control monitors the pressures and temperatures of all compressor stages. If the specified limit values are undershot or exceeded, the unit shuts down automatically. Information is displayed via the B-CONTROL II control display.

Treatment systems

BAUER treatment systems for highly compressed air and gases reduce content such as moisture, oil and particles to a permissible level. We are able to supply you with a variety of treatment systems tailored precisely to meet the needs of your application and meeting the requirements of ISO 8573-1 and DIN EN 12021¹ or the European Pharmacopoeia, among others. Filter systems with disposable cartridges or regenerative filter systems are also available. ¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the operating instructions and subject to the BAUER AERO-GUARD being used if CO2 concentration in the intake air exceeds prescribed standard values.

B-CONTROL II compressor control

The advanced version of the proven B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control. The B-CONTROL II features a 5.7″ colour touch screen display with 10 direct selection keys. Interaction between user and control is user-friendly and logical. The information on the display can be read off in plain text. Various languages are available for selection. As well as supporting the control and monitoring of important unit functions, the B-CONTROL II also features user-friendly additional features such as a data logger, USB port and accessible interfaces such as Modbus, CAN Bus or Profibus. It can even be used for integrated control of an interconnected system with up to four compressors. av.



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