The BAUER B-CONTROL II is the advanced version of the basic compressor control B-CONTROL MICRO.The 5.7″ colour display touch screen with 10 keys displays the final pressure, oil pressure, the temperature of the last stage and the ambient temperature, among other values. Maintenance intervals are also displayed by the control. Users can choose between fully automatic and semi-automatic operation.

The interaction concept has been completely revised. The pioneering new user-friendly display and navigation concept is practically identical for both the B-CONTROL MICRO and the B-CONTROL II. 

As well as supporting the control and monitoring of important unit functions, the B-CONTROL II also features user-friendly additional features such as a data logger, USB port and accessible interfaces such as Modbus, CAN Bus or Profibus. It can even be used for integrated control of an interconnected system with up to four compressors. Additional sensors and devices can be connected, for example, to monitor intermediate pressures and temperatures, for remote data transfer via B-MESSENGER, remote control via an external instrument panel, etc.

Product information


    • 5.7″ TFT colour touch screen display with plain text
    • Fully automatic monitoring of relevant parameters, compressor switch-off when values are outside the permissible range
    • Language selection (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more)
    • Oil pressure monitoring to protect against incorrect direction of rotation, for example
    • Logbook to record event history
    • Password protection for different menu levels
    • Basic load cycle and interconnected operation for up to 4 compressors
    • Integrated data logger
    • Cycle counter to record the load cycles of the final separator
    • Interface: USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100, CAN bus layer 2, Modbus RTU RS485, Profibus DP slave (optional)

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