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90 - 230 bar, 740 - 920 l/min.


The water-cooled, gas-tight, high-pressure compressors in the G series are the modern, high-performance compressor option for helium, argon and other noble gases. Durable, low-maintenance, absolutely reliable and proven in continuous operation in industrial applications for many years.

Recirculation of blowby and lost gas from the automatic condensate drain into the intake buffer combined with efficient encapsulation of the safety valves effectively minimises gas losses.

Low speeds and optimised grading of the multi-stage compressors provide the basis for the very best compression ratios for the compression of noble gases.

In line with your individual needs and industrial requirements, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can also provide you with tailor-made turnkey system solutions.

Product information

B-CONTROL II compressor control

The advanced version of the proven B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control.

The B-CONTROL II features a 5.7″ colour touch screen display with 10 direct selection keys. Interaction between user and control is user-friendly and logical. The information on the display can be read off in plain text. Various languages are available for selection.

As well as supporting the control and monitoring of important unit functions, the B-CONTROL II also features user-friendly additional features such as a data logger, USB port and accessible interfaces such as Modbus, CAN Bus or Profibus. It can even be used for integrated control of an interconnected system with up to four compressors.

Additional sensors and devices can be connected, e.g. for monitoring intermediate pressures and temperatures. Remote data transfer via B-MESSENGER is supported as an option.

The B-CONTROL II can be customised and expanded to meet your individual requirements – even if these involve controlling end-to-end system sequences.

Compressor block

For compressor units with intake pressure, the BK 23 to BK 52 block series feature a pressure-tight crankcase for uniform absorption of the internal gas forces

Water cooling

By using targeted water cooling between the interstage and afterstage coolers and valve heads, the system enables the majority of the heat produced to be absorbed by the cooling water. This maintenance-friendly cooling concept is suitable in particular for difficult spatial and ambient conditions where it would not be possible to use an air-cooled compressor.

Helium configuration

The heavy-duty units for helium are characterised by minimum gas losses. This is achieved by installing a closed coolant circuit in which gas from the crankcase breather, the condensate drain valves and the safety valves is fed into the intake area. At the same time, the risk of the process gas suffering external contamination is significantly reduced. The necessary buffer vessels are included in the standard scope of delivery and can be installed separately from the compressor unit. The compressor block has been designed specifically for helium and argon so that the best possible efficiency rates can be achieved



Liter per minute: 740 - 920

Bar: 90 - 230

Motor: 22 - 30 kw

Net weight: 1150 kg

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Below is a selection of equipment options for the G-serie, water cooled compressor

Plate heat exchanger set

The plate heat exchanger set can be used to build a dedicated enclosed compressor cooling water circuit. In open cooling systems with stream water or sea water or open cooling towers, this is essential in order to operate the compressor with cooling water of suitable quality.

Heat exchanger set

The set consists of an air-to-water heat exchanger which makes it possible to operate water-cooled compressor units independently of a water supply.

Explosion protection

Compressor units by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can be supplied with explosion protection and conforming to ATEX directives.

Intake pressure reduction

Intake pressure reduction ensures that the compressor takes in the gas at the appropriate pressure. Integrated safety valves and pressure monitoring provide an effective means of ensuring that the permissible intake pressure is not exceeded or undershot.



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